Who champions the single mum?

I often wonder if Mother’s Day feels for single mums a bit like Valentine’s Day does for singles?


AKA ‘You are doing the whole awareness day alone!’


I look at single mums with infants and small children and wonder, “Who cheer’s them on?”

“Who acknowledges all the hard work they are doing?”

I often think that in a two parent family the goal of kids is divide and conquer and in single parent families it is to wear you out, so you say, “Yes” to everything they want.

It is hard work being a parent.

But on this day of awareness, who champions the single mums?


I look at friends who are single parenting and I take my hat off to them on this day of Motherhood awareness.

Often they have had to be the one who has had to organise the selfie present; cook and prepare food; think up the activities that will communicate a touch of endearment.

Kids are very loving and very endearing but they don’t always understand on Mother’s Day they are meant to be extra endearing.  If they are little they really don’t get it all.

I think single mothers are amazing, courageous and demonstrate a steadfast heart.

But can you imagine being a single mother in a country where it is taboo?


Where there is no welfare system to lean on?

This is what I love about Unconquered.  We are championing women who aren’t being championed.

This is why educating women about their bodies is so important.

Education always leads to empowerment and empowerment allows women to be able to make decisions about their bodies.

A company of women lending support and breaking down prejudice and judgement is powerful for any single mum in any country.

To all our single mums here and abroad…

Thank you for loving your littles, for positioning your heart towards steadfastness.

Fearlessly celebrate motherhood!

Raising another human being is the toughest job in the world.

I think it is the most important job in the world.

Life isn’t perfect but you choose to be present.

I love you for it!

Here are my top tips for loving single mums on Mother’s Day.

  1.  Set up a play date with another single mum.

If you think you are the only single mum dealing with Mother’s Day blues, think again!

Reach out to a friend and go for a play date.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing.  The point is to hang with people who get it.


2.  Leave a gift on a friends doorstep

Everyone loves a gift elf.  Leave a note, some seeds, house baked sweets on a friends doorstep.  On a bluey day giving to other’s can still be the best medicine.


3.  Pick up the phone and wish a single mum, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

There are mother’s in our life who we have to ring to wish, “Happy Mother’s Day” to, but take the time to ring a single mum and tell her she is doing an amazing job.


4.  Invite a single mum for a meal.

I love making room for one more at my table.  We all love company.

We love you, we think you are doing an amazing job and we love your steadfast heart.

“Happy Mother’s Day!”