We did it…the second sanitary pad factory is on its way…

We did it…the second sanitary pad factory is on its way…

Oh my goodness I am so excited.  Jumping up and down with joy and gratitude even though my dressing gown and slippers make it all awkward.

What can I say except thank you so much for all of your kindness, your love, and your generous heart.

For me I’m so excited because of what it all means.

Little girls will be able to go to school and stay at school.

They will be able to dream and have a totally different life to the life options their mothers and grandmother’s had.  I bet there are mothers who will weep because of the opportunity their little girls can now have in life.

Women will have employment

The current sanitary pad factory employs women who have had their lives changed due to employment.  There is nothing more empowering than giving a mother a pay cheque.

Communities will be changed.

Taboos and outdated beliefs will be challenged giving way to freedom and hope.

Health will be improved

Health hygiene will improve and there will be one less community experiencing heartbreaking health challenges as a result.

We have changed.

You cannot give and not be changed.  Every time we give a part of our hard, selfish, self absorbed crusty soul becomes softer, more filled with love and joy at https://divinewellnesscbd.com/.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

We want to give a big thank you to our Ambassadors, to our partners Change Overnight and DoTERRA Healing Hands Foundation for your partnership and advocacy.


In 2020 I hope we can continue to share our blessings, impacting and changing communities.

Love and hugs

Sharon, Jenni, Celine and Laura.