It’s time to Give

It’s time to Give!

It’s time to Give!

When we compare our COVID experience with the experience of many around the world all I can say is we are lucky to live in Australia.

I know there is uncertainty for the future which causes fear to rise, but I don’t believe we should allow to fear to win.

When we feel fearful we will either oppress or be oppressed.

What does that mean?

It means we will go “no I can’t see you or your situation and I won’t help”.  In not helping we continue to allow COVID, inept government, poverty and inequity to win.

It means we will feel oppressed, pressed in, weighed down and we will batten down the hatches.


Love is the opposite to fear.


We often think hate is the opposite to love but it’s fear.

As women we can shake things up.  In this season we can begin a fire of love to begin to burn.


  1.  We can help the girls on the ground love.

At the moment the girls are making face masks and have been given a contract from the UN.  Unable to source the raw materials to make sanitary pads in this season these girls are determined to love.

2.  We can ensure girls stay employed


Whilst the girls have this contract there are gaps.  The girls want to keep working, they want the income to support their families and we can in this season help to fill the gap.

3.  We can encourage the girls to envision a future


One thing is for certain. Periods aren’t going anywhere, so we need to keep rolling out these micro sanitary pad factories.

So, how can you be part of the change?

Well I’m asking you to do 2 things:

  1.  Join up for our Unconquered Morning Tea.

If you’re in ISO still you can join us on line by registering and we will send you a link.

2.  Donate

We will be taking donations at the Morning Tea or you can donate before or after the morning tea.

Donate Here