The role of shame

If you are at school and you don’t have good, safe private toilets how are you going to manage your periods.

We know that 25% of girls drop out of school because they cannot manage their periods.

Dropping out of school too early is a contributor to child marriage and generational poverty.

No girl should be uneducated because she misses school 5 days a month simply because she has no access to a sanitary pad or toilet.

Imagine the difference being able to stay at school would make to their life? Young women, tomorrow’s generation would be able to answer the dream in their heart.

To create, to be, to go further than maybe what has been offered to them in their family home.

They would have the right to be healthy, energised and creative.

Women can’t be these things if they can’t access safe menstruation practices.

It doesn’t have to be this way.