Never Give UP!

Never Give UP!

Never Give UP!

COVID has impacted so many lives.

I know here at the Tailrace where I work,  our income has been affected, staff are living in hope for a bright tomorrow.

But despite the setbacks, despite 2020 not working out how we thought it was going to work out Never Give UP!

Never Give UP! … being generous and kind to our beautiful planet and people.

I was listening to the Andy Stanley podcast this week as he interviewed  Jonathan T.M. Reckford, International CEO of  Habitat for Humanity.Jonathon was sharing how COVID can potentially set developments made in developing countries back by 10 years.

I was a bit gutted.  I’m a bit of an impatient girl when it comes to basic human rights and I must agree with the Queen when she describes COVID as, “this horrible new thing.” 

This “horrible new thing,” can if we give up, continue to see women having to use bark, paper, old and dirty rags to cope with their periods.  Not knowing there are alternatives.  What else can continue is inequity to health, education, income and life.

So whilst we may not be able to give as we normally would, can I encourage you to Never Give UP!


Let’s keep giving.


It makes a world of difference.

At the moment money raised will go towards:

  • Training and Equipping female leaders on the ground empowering in the future multiple sanitary pad factories;
  • Helping the current sanitary pad factory to be a sustainable source of income for women from the local slum areas.

If you would like to know more about Unconquered join us for our morning tea on the 21st of November.  Let us know you want to come and we will send you a zoom link.  The girls on the ground will be joining us with their stories.  Together we can make a difference despite “this horrible new thing.”

So Let’s Never Give UP!