Let’s raise $120,000 for Unconquered in 2019

Let’s raise $120,000 for Unconquered in 2019

I am very intent in 2019 that we do all we can in Australia to raise $120,000 for Unconquered.

This will provide 3 more sanitation pad factories in India.

3 communities transformed;

3 communities employing women;

3 communities receiving a toilet block;

3 communities who can ensure their girls complete whatever education level she decides.

The list of goodness doesn’t stop there.

What do we need to do to raise this $120,000?



We need ambassadors in every state and as many as possible who can

a) organise fundraisers

b) promote awareness of the issue

c) find women who want to be ongoing donors.

If you would like to be an ambassador please contact me.



If we had 200 girls who donated $50 a month we would raise the $120,000.

$50 a month is $600 a year.

Reaching the $120,000 is achievable if together we can create a groundswell of heart and love amongst Aussie girls for this cause.

If would love it if you could commit to making an ongoing donation.



On our web site you will see we have a shop.

Maybe you are an artisan or a craft maker or a retailer.

Maybe you want to donate some of your products on our shop to raise income for Unconquered.

We would love to host, promote and sell your product.



You don’t want to be an ambassador but you do want to help fundraise.

You can register your fundraiser on the web site and we will help promote your event in your region.


If we do these 4 things together we can change communities forever.

Take Action come on board today.  Let us know how you want to be part of the change.