Intentionally keeping your heart soft.

Intentionally keeping your heart soft isn’t easy.


” In a world where victim hood has become status hardened souls go unexamined.” Dallas Willard

It is hard for us to keep our soul soft, tender, compassionate, other focused.

One of the best ways I now to keep our heart soft is to allow compassion and awe to mix like colours being poured on a palette.

When we visit the Unconquered project compassion for women not having access to sanitary pads rises up within.  You can’t help but see the consequences of how a simply product can change a world, a future for women.

But compassion isn’t the only emotion which keeps our heart soft.  Awe also keeps our hearts soft.

When I see the girls engaged with the Unconquered project slowly dismantling the wall of supply, resisting the gender and cultural pressures I have never had to encounter I find my heart beginning to well up with awe.  I am in awe at the scope of the wall they have taken on to dismantle because the issues are so complex.

There are issues of poverty, gender and culture, beliefs, values…the list is enormous.  Yet here they are changing the brick wall so women can not only access sanitary pads but they can access a whole new world.  They are doing it brick by brick.  My heart fills with awe. Fast cash loans


Would you like to come with us to see the Unconquered Project and let your heart be softened?

Would you like your heart filled with awe and compassion.  Two very powerful emotions.

To allow some of the rough hard edges to be softened.

We are taking a select team in the first week of October.

We will visit some of the beautiful tourist sites available plus engage with the hearts of these amazing girls.

Fill out a contact form and let us know if you are interested.