Empower Australia Overseas Aid Fund individual fundraising terms and conditions

For individuals and groups who wish to fundraise independently, thank you for your interest in fundraising for Unconquered, a project of Empower Australia Overseas Aid Fund. We appreciate your efforts and want to let you know that your support will go a long way to transforming the lives of women in the poorest places. We’ve tried to make it easy, but there are a few legal requirements you need to be aware of. When you embark on organising an independent fundraising event, you can have a lot of questions! So here are some guidelines we hope will assist you.

If you have any questions that are not covered in these guidelines, please contact our Partnership team on 03 8750 0584.

What are the legal requirements?

If you sign up to Empower’s online fundraising platform on the Unconquered website, this is the preferred method of fundraising and collection of donations. Online fundraising is the fastest, most secure and most cost-effective way to collect donations and easily facilitates issue of electronic payment confirmation and issue of tax deductible receipts.

Unfortunately, we’re not legally allowed to officially endorse your independent fundraising activity (if we could, we’d love to!). This means that Empower will not be responsible for the management and/or conduct of your fundraising activity, and you’ll need to consider key matters such as appropriate insurance, venue hire and how you will collect donations safely.

There can be a number of legal requirements to consider, mostly targeted towards large and/or public fundraising activities. Depending on which state or territory you conduct your fundraising activity in, there will be different applicable laws including specific laws about fundraising. You will be responsible for making sure you comply with all applicable laws covering things such as obtaining correct permits and/or licenses where necessary; providing accurate information to the public; and ensuring that you remit to us promptly any funds raised.

We recommend you take time to read the information provided by the Australian Taxation Office – details can be found at the ATO website (search ‘ATO charitable fundraising’). Please note: If your fundraising activity is connected with more than one state or territory, the legal requirements of each of these places must be taken into account. So, if your fundraising activity is administered over the internet, then the laws of all Australian states and territories may apply.

We require that all fundraising organisers be over the age of 18 and none of the fundraising activities include door to door or street collections.

It’s important that you consider any risks associated with collecting cash and for those reasons recommend that all donations are made directly online.

If your fundraising activity involves providing goods and/or services, Empower cannot provide a tax deductable receipt.

Can I use the Unconquered or Empower logo or other resources for my fundraising activity?

You may use our name by stating that the proceeds from your fundraising activity will be going to Unconquered, a project of Empower Australia Overseas Aid Fund. If you would like to include the Unconquered or Empower logo on your promotional materials, you just need to let us know. To do this, please send us a copy of the poster/flyer/brochure you want our logo to be featured on to [email protected] Once we’ve checked it out, we will send you the logo files and information about its use on print material for your particular fundraising activity.

Once again, THANK YOU for your interest in independently raising funds for Unconquered. Without people like you, we could never achieve so much!