Would you like to become an Ambassador for Unconquered?

If you love to…

  • Share the social media posts from Unconquered with family, friends and networks
  • Create, encourage and empower fundraising activities in your area
  • Write and educate about this project
  • Ask for Donations

If you love to do any of the above actions we would love to have you as an ambassador.

In 11 months we have raised enough money for the first sanitary pad factory.

Imagine what we can do together in the next 11 months!

Your heart simply has to beat to want to:

  • change communities
  • encourage women who can’t move forward because of barriers
  • empower the education and freedom of women
  • ensure communities have toilets
  • change culture and taboos
  • raise up the next generation of women to be able to stay at school

If this is your heart beat I think we need to connect and have an information session.