A night’s sleep which will make a difference!

A night’s sleep which will make a difference!

When we close our eyes and lay our head down to sleep we don’t often get the opportunity to change lives across the planet.

But at Change Overnight you can drift off to sleep and know somewhere someone’s life has been changed.

Change Overnight is a hotel helping to heal the world one room at a time.

Change Overnight is a new, 18-room hotel in Launceston, Tasmania. Every night you stay with Change Overnight you get to give back to the world through one of eight causes. It really is ‘a better night’s sleep’.

Unconquered is one of the eight amazing causes.

Recently I got to share a little about Unconquered at the official Change Overnight Launch Party.

So incredibly grateful for the opportunity and so so grateful to Change Overnight for choosing Unconquered to be part of the better night’s sleep.

But Unconquered isn’t the only amazing cause.

Whilst you’re sleeping you have the potential to send love on its way to GSAM, Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Beyond Blue, Freedom Centre, Be Hers, Victory School of Hope, Act of Kids,

Your tangible impact

Every night you make a tangible difference. When you choose to sleep you are making a tangible impact.

Here is a list of the impact:


210 nutritional breakfasts for children on an orphanage.

Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Purchase and protect approximately 10m2 of land in Tasmania.

Beyond Blue

Fund one phone call to a youth in need of mental health assistance.

Freedom Center

Funding for one child through a short term education program.

Victory School of Hope

Sponsorship for one child for a term of education, including school supplies.

Act for Kids

One therapeutic session for a child or family in need.

Unconquered: Sanitary Pad Factory

80 packs of sanity pads.

Be Hers

A welcome pack to a survivor of a human trafficking upon entering an A21 shelter.


So here’s my invitation.

Come to beautiful Tasmania and get a better night sleep at Change Overnight and send love on its way.  Come and stay and support Unconquered.


Come and book a night and I’ll show you our beautiful city.

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